How To Connect Firestick To Projector Without HDMI 2022

An Amazon Firestick is a great way to watch TV and movies, but it’s not as easy as you might think to connect it to a projector to watch on a bigger screen. This blog looks at some of the common problems with simply plugging a Firestick into a projector and how you can solve them.

This article explains the difference between an HDMI connection and a VGA connection when it comes to connecting a Fire Stick to a projector. It also touches on how to connect a Fire Stick to a projector even if the projector has no HDMI port.

Is it possible to connect the Fire Stick without an HDMI port:

You might have TVs in your home that don’t have a compatible port to connect the Fire TV stick because it needs to be plugged directly into a TV’s HDMI port. But you can still connect the device if you purchase a cable converter box like a component video or composite video converter box and use that to plug into the TV instead of an HDMI port.

What is an Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon FireStick is a small, smokey-white dongle that’s the size of a flash drive. It plugs into your TV and gives you access to streaming 4k, HD, or Binge content on multiple platforms. It connects wirelessly and streams up to 100mbps so no buffering issues here. This amazon firestick review will show you all of the great apps and services it gives you unlimited access to as well as how to install it and use it right out of the box.

The FireStick is a cheap and easy way for anyone to turn any television into a high-quality streaming display that can be used for anything from watching premium live sports to adding more T.V. shows to your library so you don’t miss out on your favorite movies when they broadcast their next season.

When you have a projector at home, streaming can be done using a FireStick in as little as 2 easy steps. The Amazon FireStick combines media streaming, video gaming, and other entertainment features into one product making it by far the most comprehensive on the market.

If your projector has an HDMI port, setup is easy. Even if your projector doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can still use FireStick because the device comes with a converter or a micro USB to full-sized USB adapter that’s included in the packaging.

Older projectors often don’t have HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) ports, so you may need to set up with a VGA (Video Graphics Array) port instead. Older projectors can be found in offices and schools. When setting up at work, be prepared with VGA.

How to Use a Fire Stick With a Projector:

In most cases, you can connect and use a Fire Stick with a projector in the same way you would use a Fire Stick with a television. There are quirks with the resolution, but it’s often just a matter of connecting the Fire Stick, adjusting the projector settings, and then streaming movies, shows, and other content. If you were using the Fire Stick with a television, you would do the same thing.

If your projector has an HDMI input, it’s going to work with your Fire Stick if you just plug it into the back of the projector. You might need an extension cable if there isn’t enough room on the back of the projector for your Fire Stick or if your projector sits in a housing that blocks the connection between your Fire Stick and remote control.

Some projectors have no HDMI ports but adapters can still be used with a Firestick. You will need to identify if your projectors have the different types of audio and video connectors required and you will also need to find an adapter that converts from HDMI to appropriate input types.

Are projectors compatible with Firestick?

Fire TV Stick works with a variety of projectors including projectors with HDMI inputs. When it comes to shopping for the best projector for the Fire TV stick, any Home Cinema Friendly projector should work quite well because projectors are virtually all similar in terms of hardware and thus tend to support the same features-including compatibility with Firestick.

Do you need the HDMI adapter for Firestick?

To start setting up your Amazon Fire TV stick, you’ll need these things. An HD-compatible television is required; the Fire TV Stick works best with an ultra high def HDTV with an HDMI port for full compatibility. Aside from a TV, you will need internet access to download apps and updates as well as apps and services like a Prime account to enjoy streaming video!

How do I get sound from my Firestick to my projector?

Placing a Fire TV Stick into an HDMI port on your receiver is the most common way to achieve getting away from cable. The HDMI out of the receiver goes to your projector’s input via another HDMI cable that’s connected as well and so on. Please note: if you haven’t set up your receiver previously, you may need to assign it to know which setting “HDMI 2 (or whatever number)” will work best for you. You’ll also need to adjust the audio settings on your Fire TV Stick in case the volume starts coming through distorted when using your speaker system after completing this addition – though turning down some of the other speakers usually does the trick just fine if there are any complications at all.

Does Firestick have Bluetooth?

As Bluetooth devices can connect with Android TV, Fire TV, and Google TV via the Bluetooth protocol, pairing specific hardware components and peripherals is rather easy. With your Fire TV device, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices, and then choose Pair a New Device. Next, put your headphones into pairing mode, and then select them when they appear in the menu.

How do I connect my fire stick to my home theater?

Take the HDMI ARC port of your TV or Projector and connect it to your AV Receiver. Then take your Fire Stick and connect it to a spare HDMI port on your receiver. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others all work in full 5.1 Surround Sound i.e. Dolby Digital+ Dolby Surround.

The Main Issue With Connecting a Fire Stick to a Projector:

If you’re seeking a device that can provide access to such a broad range of content – then consider an ‘Amazon Fire Stick’. Its nicely designed user interface is impressive and works well with many devices: TV, PC, Mac, and more.

The unit is approximately the size of a small candy bar. This means it’s easy to mount with the projector as you don’t have to worry about running wires through your home. What’s more, The Fire TV Stick even comes with its own remote control, but in case you lose it, you can use any regular universal remote control (our tutorial) instead. The only hard part is figuring out how to get the audio going.

Getting the Sound to an External Audio System:

The Fire Stick is best paired with an Amazon Fire TV, which happens to offer Alexa voice control and a large catalog of applications. One reason that the Fire Stick might not be working is that your television is connected to a projector which may have its own audio solution, so if you’re planning on using a projector it may be best for you to use one of the televisions mentioned in this article since so many of those home entertainment systems are self-sufficient.

This could mean you suddenly have a much larger problem to solve. If you want to use the Dolby Atmos sound that the Fire Stick produces. You’ll need surround speakers, which would then require an audio receiver as well as other things like cables and splitters (or Dolby digital decoder) so each speaker can get its specific sound from different parts of the video.

It’s important to understand what wires you’ll need to pull in order to accommodate your project solutions. There’s no getting around that. A proper surround sound setup that isn’t wireless will require wires, specifically for the Fire Stick and projector. However, there are ways of playing them through one convenient source such as a speaker dock.


Time and again, we have seen people asking this question in different forums and blogs but there are no straight answers to this. So we thought of doing some research and experimenting on this topic so that we can bring you a definitive answer to this question. We have tried out almost every possible method to connect a firestick to a projector by using different options and we have listed them below so that you don’t have to.

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