How To Make My Projector Bluetooth – Easy Way 2022

A projector is a great tool for creating a more interactive learning space for your students. Adding a Bluetooth device to your projector will create a more immersive and interactive learning experience for your students. In this article, we will look at how you can make your projector Bluetooth so you can use your mobile device to connect to it.

For entertainment, the popularity and usefulness of Bluetooth technology have greatly improved our lives. It’s convenient to be able to do away with wires and be wireless. We can make many things Bluetooth capable. For example, a non-Bluetooth projector uses a few devices which are easily available for us to purchase.

How To Make My Projector Bluetooth:

How To Make My Projector Bluetooth

If you haven’t heard of it, it is called a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. These devices send/receive audio/data on the 2.45Ghz frequency range via a 3.5mm jack and output 5 watts of quality audio from computers, phones, or other digital devices. Devices in this category can be paired with various devices so that they can receive and send data on the 2.45Ghz frequency range via the blue tooth transmitter & receiver device.

This Bluetooth transmitter can be used with various speakers. It further expands the range of Bluetooth connections up to 10 meters. For an affordable price, you’re able to communicate wirelessly while you and your friends don’t face any hurdles or blocks. That is why in this day and age, people are working towards making the most out of their home entertainment system by purchasing a transmission device that will make it a much better experience for them.

How to use a Bluetooth transmitter with a projector?

How To Make My Projector Bluetooth

A transmitter for audio wireless connections can have one of two modes: transmit or receive. In this mode, it is sending data to the primary receiver. This then allows you to listen to what you want on your computer with a Bluetooth-attached device – such as headphones, speakers, or other peripherals. Essentially, this makes the projector into the receiver in an audio wireless connection and enables you to enjoy listening to movies or enjoying your music anywhere you want without wires.

  • Simply set the device in TX mode using the on/ off switch that’s located on the side.
  • Connect the transmitter to your projector by using an auxiliary cable. Have both devices within 3 feet of one another so they may pair.
  • It’s as easy as tapping and holding the power button until the projector flashes twice. It is then paired with the Bluetooth transmitter and will be considered a Bluetooth-connected device.

To enable Bluetooth so that you can watch movies on a projector and wirelessly connect an audio device, simply follow the below steps. You can use earpieces or speakers among other Bluetooth devices to pair with a projector and stream your Bluetooth-supported movie.

Setting For How To Make My Projector Bluetooth:

You will need a transmitter or other intermediate device which may vary by make and type, but essentially, you will be setting up your video to be displayed on a screen and then projecting your audio from another source. These types of intermediate devices are often made to use with different kinds of connections, so the best way to determine what kind you need is to ask experts from Bucephalus Solutions.

RCA out projectors:

If the projector has stereo analog audio out, then you must use an RCA cable to bring your audio into the transmitter device. RCA output is the output that is on every DVD player and that we are all familiar with, the red, white, and black port/output. With these kinds of projectors, connections are pretty straightforward forward although, you may need additional connectors in order to connect your RCA cable to the Bluetooth receiver/transmitter.

HDMI audio out projectors:

How To Make My Projector Bluetooth

A lot of modern-day projectors have an HDMI output, but there are a few that don’t offer any audio when the video is being shown because they’re only dealing with digital data. Connecting an HDMI Audio Extraction device or extracting device to these devices digitally separates the source’s audio to an analog source that may be better heard. This can be accomplished with one of these HDMI audio extraction devices in order to produce better-quality sound outcomes.

An outboard connector (normally a 3.5mm jack) should be available to convert the analog sound from your audio extractor into a suitable form for wireless transmissions, such as Bluetooth. Most such kits will also have an RCA output to connect them to the intended device, although in this case, you may need to purchase additional parts – unless of course you already have an RCA-to-3.5mm adapter cable lying around!

Is it possible to connect a speaker to a projector?

Radically simplifying the process of connecting speakers to a projector is one of the advantages that Bluetooth technology offers that its competitors don’t. Of course, there are other technologies with comparable capabilities, but these often require additional hardware and more setup time. A Bluetooth solution, like the Bluetooth AV Connection Kit by SPOTLIGHT®, is sometimes the easiest solution for making audio simpler in home theaters.

You can easily connect a speaker to a projector. All you need is to make sure that there’s a Bluetooth audio feature in the projector (Under 2000$) you have, or if one of the options for you to purchase, has Bluetooth connectivity.

One of the most important final steps to consider when planning a video presentation is figuring out how exactly people will be able to view it. For example, if you’re showing them via another projector, you might want to make sure that this one has Bluetooth built-in (many models do not). However, even though more and more projectors are starting to feature Bluetooth compatibility – it’s still not ubiquitous! Yet at least there’s an easy solution! If your presentation calls for a projection screen but your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth-compatible capabilities you can still go wireless with a transmitter/receiver set up.

What If The Projector Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

How To Make My Projector Bluetooth

Great question. A lot of customers will be interested in buying a projector despite not having a Bluetooth speaker available, so we’re happy to say that it’s possible to connect your Bluetooth-capable device (like a phone or laptop) via an easily obtainable 3.5 mm cord adapter.

If one doesn’t wish to have physical wires running all over the place, then they could get an adapter. One example is the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, which connects directly to the 3.5mm jack on a projector or display and converts the audio signal into Bluetooth. These adapters sometimes might not be robust enough to handle 7.1 channels of Dolby Atmos but at least it will send the left and right speaker signals up into the air so that your Bluetooth receiver can connect with them wirelessly.

You know, things can get a little tricky when it comes to hooking up devices like this one. Without any connection ports or any sort of controls, actually getting these speakers paired with our other units might be a bit of a challenge initially, but we might as well just buckle down and do what the instructions tell us to do; they should lead us somewhere when it comes to setting the whole speaker array up.

In order to pair two Bluetooth-connected devices, they should both be switched onto their respective Bluetooth settings and when doing so, both devices should then be associated with each other together. As long as there is no interference in the pairing process, this will result in a successful connection.

With a handy adapter cable, you can connect an external Bluetooth speaker to your Projector. On most models, you may need to connect power to the transmitter or use it with a USB power adapter, but that means you’ll be getting a durable system that can stand up to the elements without causing any issues in your new speaker system.


The projectors are very good tools for education, entertainment, and working. The appearance of the projectors has not only made the entertainment and business easier but also made it possible to share the presentations with a large number of people. The projectors are portable, lightweight, and can be used anywhere.

It is possible to connect a projector to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. There are several brands that have introduced such projectors that are useful for watching movies and playing games in a big format. If you have been thinking about getting one, then you should read this article to have a clear idea about how to make a projector Bluetooth.

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