Netflix Sound Not Working On Projector [Solved] 2022

The problem of sound not working has been a problem I’ve had repeatedly while showing content on the projector in the workplace. It could be that you are trying to show off a movie on a big screen to some clients. Or it could be that you are showing a presentation. The issue is all the same. The Netflix Sound Not Working On Projector can surely be a big bummer if you don’t know what to do about it.

Netflix is one of the currently most popular streaming services. But apparently many people have some issues with it, especially because in addition to TV series, films, and comedy/shows for adults there’s also anime as well as documentaries which don’t sound too bad in theory – but can be pretty annoying if you’re trying to enjoy your favorite television show and then suddenly there are kids cartoons in the background being super loud or adult movies which contain inappropriate language that you just don’t want to hear at a given moment. We’ve got solutions for such situations.

So, how do you fix the sound on Netflix? You can do a few things to remedy this situation. First off, we’d advise making sure that the servers are working properly on all your devices. The way to accomplish this is by targeting an accurate identification of the incorrectly outputted audio. You can do this by ensuring that the audio selected corresponds with your state-of-the-art speaker systems, from ultra backup in case of insufficient sound quality to highlighting music, movies, and TV shows. If that’s not it, we’ve got more tips.

Why is Netflix Sound Not Working On Projector?

Your Netflix stream could be a little off due to poor streaming quality. You need to make sure your internet is designed to support quality content because it’s no fun when you’re trying to watch something important and all of sudden the video cuts or stutters every few seconds. A steady video feed also makes it easy for you to focus on what’s going on.

Besides, you might be using the wrong apple tv remote app. There are several options for streaming quality in the video playback menu, including low, medium, and auto. If you mishandle them, you are likely to get poor sound quality.

If you are experiencing some background noises that affect your audio quality and microphone, the problem may have to do with your Wi-Fi network. You could also be a victim of an issue within your device’s audio settings or TV. If hiccups in the software development process left something incomplete, it can cause issues as well.

The issues mentioned above can be the reason why you’re experiencing problems with your sound while trying to watch a movie. Buffering brings up issues in regards to audio and video syncing. When your internet connection cuts off, both the video and audio need to reboot as they try to catch wind of one another but they seem not to talk because of buffering getting in the way.

Even though you might have fast-speed internet it can become too slow at times causing this issue. The only thing you can do is make sure that your router is properly connected and placed immediately next to your entertainment center. If these techniques don’t provide any result, consider using a switching browser or doing a scan for viruses or errors on your computer.

How To Fix Netflix Sound Not Working On Projector:

There are a bunch of common causes for sound issues on Netflix. If you don’t know what the underlying cause is, there is most likely something within this list that could help.

1. Check Internet Connection

In order to check the download and upload speeds on your network, please use a bandwidth speed testing tool like We recommend you check if the speed is an optimum range by restarting your router.

Netflix recommends a bandwidth for their content of at least 3 Mbps to play your favorite movies and documentaries. Depending on the audio quality you decide to enjoy, such as low, medium, or high-quality soundtracks, Netflix can require as much as 20-25 Mbps to operate without trouble.

2. Off Bluetooth

The biggest mistake new Android users make is thinking they can stream their favorite show or music track wirelessly with the built-in Bluetooth functionality on their device, when in fact Bluetooth can only be used to send files to specific devices – which means you won’t be able to use your smartphone or tablet as a wireless speaker. If you want to stream content, you should connect your device directly to a standard set of speakers (wired or via aux) and then play the multimedia files as you normally would on any other device.

3. Adjust Netflix Audio Settings

  1. Open “Netflix”
  2. Find the dialog icon and click on
  3. If the selected sound is surround sound, change it to stereo or other specific option
  4. Try to listen to whether you receive quality content. If the issue persists, move on to the next step.

4. Netflix Servers

You need to check whether the servers are up, down, or not working at all. Netflix is an online platform which means that even if you get a server message saying that the program cannot be loaded at this time, it can be due to ISPs blocking the streaming of content from your country and has nothing to do with a specific channel in particular. In order to check whether something’s wrong, you should:

  1. Visit Netflix’s dedicated status page to see whether the service is online.
  2. In the event of Netflix server issues, which are known to occur from time to time, simply wait for them to fix their issues. When no such issues arise, you should proceed to the next step.

5. Complain the Issue to Netflix

If none of the above tips have helped you, contact Netflix’s customer support. Provide your basic account details and describe what is going on when the sound goes out in their service. Have a look at The Best Streaming Device – opinions about devices that we recommend for a great streaming experience!

Does Netflix Have Audio Settings?

Yes. To access Netflix audio titles you do so by opening Netflix and watching your favorite video. After you have finished, click the icon with the Pause Button and proceed to make the changes you want.

How to Change Audio Settings On Netflix:

To change your audio settings, click on the icon next to the speech bubble. You can choose whichever option is best for you – if you want to change from stereo sound to surround sound, there’s a button that will allow you to do just that.

What Sound Format Does Netflix Have?

Netflix uses Dolby Digital Plus (DD+). It’s an advanced surround sound technology with realistic audio feel that’s ideal for customers with super high-end, state-of-the-art technology. On select titles, the service supports 5.1 surround.

Apple TV Sound Not Working With Netflix:

If you own an Apple TV 4, from the Settings menu, expand Audio & Video and then Surround Sound > select Best Quality Available to turn on the surround sound. If Best Quality Available does not fix the acoustic issue, select the Stereo setting, then try playing Netflix. This should fix the issue with your HDMI connection causing distortion when trying to use Netflix.

Why won’t Netflix play audio on the projector?

Check that all connectors, especially the connection between the source device and projector are part of the projectors system. If you are still having problems with the content, check with your local support who can help you troubleshoot your specific situation.

How to get Netflix to play through my projector sound?

You’ll require a Type-C USB cable and Display Port functionality in order to stream Netflix from your mobile Android device to the projector. After downloading the Netflix app, you will see the necessary function.

Can you use Netflix with a projector?

HDMI ports on projectors allow users to plug in any device that is capable of transmitting a video signal. For example, if you have a tablet running an Android operating system, by connecting it wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your digital projector, you can stream Netflix content directly to the screen.


If you’re having trouble with the sound on your Netflix account when you’re using your projector, you’re not alone. While many people are having issues with Netflix sound not working on their projector, there are some simple fixes you can try. Our goal is to provide you with the best Netflix and projector experience possible, so if you have any questions, please contact us anytime at _.

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